Carnival and Circus Themes in Graphic Designs

Featured Image credit to Troy Cummings

It’s not always often that the circus comes around. This special occasion brings up memories of cotton candy, peanuts, acrobats, colorful lights and very loud music. The events are always exciting – not to mention the games & prizes are oversized and overstuffed. I put together this showcase of brilliant carnival/circus themed graphics. Check out the examples below which can hopefully provide a source of keen inspiration.

More Circus

Lion at the Circus

Circus Bear

Carnival Lights Game Icon

Carnival Tent

Carnival Monster Game

Circus Parade

Vintage Carnival Flyer

We Have A Winner

Circus Tent

Circus Animals

Ferris Wheel Carnival

Circus Icon


Fun Stuff

Mike Birbiglia Print

Circus at Night

Night at the Carnival

Step Right Up!

Test Your Strength

Vector Tents

Magical Tent

Fun Times

Carnival Announcer

Circus Poster #2

Birthday Invite

Big Top Birthday

Mountains, Beach, Circus

Poster Detail

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