Colorful Patterns and Repeating Tile Graphics

Featured Image credit to Floris Voorveld

Websites are always moving forward with the next greatest trends. Background patterns are obviously very popular, but it does take some work to push out these creative ideas. Even the best graphics designers may struggle coming up with new pattern ideas. Thus inspiration plays a big role in how you create repeating tiles.

Check out the gallery below where I’ve put together some very inspirational patterns. You can pinpoint some of the elements in these patterns and determine how the author could move them around. Placement and coordination are two important factors when building custom repeating tiles.

Heart Pattern

Bolt Pattern

Repeating Pattern

Tea Time


Boom Boom

Smart Pattern Icons

Airline Repeating Pattern

Beer Pattern

Bedroom Furniture


Flower Pattern

Fast Food

Green Trees

Camping at Night

Summer Graphics

Seamless Tile

Yardcare Pattern

Bike Parts Pattern

Gallery of Mo


Woodland Animals

Scales Pattern

Bathroom Stuff

Cat Accessories

Icons Pattern

Pink Brains

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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  1. December 11, 2012

    Wow! These are some cool backgrounds for making arts and crafts. Do you ever update this website? Would be great if you could put some more on. Thx