Inspirational Sketches and Rough Drafts

Featured Image credit to Eddie Lobanovskiy

Digital artwork can sometimes be difficult in getting started. Projects can draw out for weeks at a time when your creativity is at a standstill. Sometimes the quickest way to get a jumpstart is by sketching out your ideas. A plain piece of paper and pencil can go a long way towards getting your ideas out and moving in the process.

For anybody interested I’ve put together the small showcase gallery below. These include rough drafts and pencil sketches for project art pre-production stage. This includes app icons, website layouts, wireframes, and logo illustrations. And who knows – maybe these shots can inspire a couple fluid designers to start building on their own ideas!

The Funtasy Sketches

Some Sketches

Early stages


Elephant Sketches

iOS Icon Sketches


From Sketches to Design

Portfolio Wireframes

App Concept Sketches

App UX

Personal Logo Sketches

User Interfaces

Icons & Graphs

Sketches to Code

iPad App

iOS Interfaces

Mulligan’s Sketches

UI Sketch Design

Simple iPhone UI

Brand Icons

New Project


Site Sketches

The Lorax

Google Misfires

Personal Logomark

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