Seasonal Graphics of Leaves Turning in Autumn

Featured Image credit to Melanie Matthews

The Fall is a beautiful time of year when trees begin to shed their leaves. The days get a bit shorter, but it’s also a time of peace and tranquility. Change begins to pick up and people do not take their daily lives for granted so often.

When I think of Autumn it’s often memories of the leaves first changing. Jumping in big piles after raking the leaves in the yard – plus some cool Jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. In this gallery I have collected a set of brilliant illustrations and graphics from Autumn. We hope you enjoy the somber mood as with all the natural seasons.

Autumn Owl

Leaf Icon

Thankful it’s November

Fall Forest


Playing in the Leaves

Autumn Stencil

Autumn Illustration

Burberry Bear

Squirrel Swingset

Autumn Leaves

The Autumn

Blue Jay

Tree Sparrow

New York

Fall From a Cliff

Autumn Woods


Nature Pattern Swatch

Bookshop Poster

Shift Work


Autumn In My Pit

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