Brilliant Collection of Sexy iPad App Icons

Featured Image credit to Asmir Sinanovic

A couple months ago I published a gallery of new iPhone/iPad app icons. This post garnered loads of attention and has also proven as a source for powerful inspiration. I want to catalog a similar post looking into strictly iPad application icons.

The iOS App Store has been growing very quickly and the number of releases doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The new iPad retina display is going to boast incredible feats in the realm of icon designs. Check out my showcase below to get some more ideas for incredible iPad app icon displays.

Game Icon

Secret Folder

Gym Icon

YouTube Television

Dribbble Book

Expresso Maker

Remarks iOS Icon

Boomerang App Icon


Note Papers



Purple Leather Bible

To-Do Icon

Fan iOS Icon

Broadcast iOS Icon


Geo App Icon


Book App Icon

Puzzle Man

Euro Money Clip

Lawn App Icon

Cardboard Box

Smart Reside

Posts Icon

Sandwich iOS Icon

Cigar Box

MacBook Charger Icon

Golden Key

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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