Various Blog Magazine Website Layouts

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There are plenty of examples following really good website design. The open source blogging system WordPress is famous amongst a community of web developers. But even the idea of a blog has grown quickly in a span of 10 years.

I want to look over some popular Dribbble shots focusing on blog website designs. These blogs are formatted as magazines and personal websites. The showcase contains specific user interfaces such as category lists, blog headlines, footers, sidebars, and a whole lot more. Check out the collection and feel free to share your thoughts in our comments area below.

Photo Blog

Wedding Blog

Blog Writer

Internal Blog Layout

Blog Bits

Sidebar Tags

Blog Layout

Blog Redesign

Blog Footer

Design Grids

New Zaarly Blog

Pro Bono Mom Blog Layout

Layout Update

Favolla 2.0 Blog

Payoff Blog

Blog Navigation

Early Photo Blog

Blog Post Info

Katrology Blog


Food Blog

Blog Redesign V2

Final Nav Ribbon

Minimal Blog PSD

New Blog Sidebar

Blog Menu

Post Details

Purple Search

Blog Template

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