Dark User Interfaces for iPhone Apps

Featured Image credit to Evan Dinsmore

It takes hard work to build the skills necessary for designing a top-notch iPhone application. There are so many screens to consider in the workflow process. Not to mention the dual-graphics required for retina devices adds even more into the mix. But among the countless designers there are some amazing folks who can build really outstanding app interfaces.

In the showcase below I’ve collected an assortment of dark UI themes for iPhone. Some of the most prominent apps feature this darker theme because it appears cleaner than others. As a designer you can also work with many bright colors as they reflect well off a black BG. Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to share any examples of dark iPhone UI that you simply adore.

DigitalPlate iPhone Login GUI

Stratus App

Dark UI Keyboard

iPhone Digital Countdown

Dark iPhone App

Steam App

Tuneup App

Power App

User Profile

CityWise iPhone App

iPhone App Navigation

LockInfo iPhone UI Dark Theme

Tout App Sign In

Get Social!

Rate/Review Screen

Secret App

To-do App Dark Version

Market Detail


Chore Detail

Graffiti Walls App

Check-In iPhone UI


Retina Client

Mobile Application

Event Tracking GUI

Message Layout

Select Music


Application Preview

Buy Tickets

Property Summary

App Trophies

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  1. Check out ToonThat (think twitter for cartoons) – just went live last night. Also sports a dark-theme to bring out the colors in the Toon.

  2. The user interfaces for these iphones is fantastic. The look and feel is good and the features are excellent. I like this one.