Date Counters and Number Ticker UI

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Interface elements are always changing based on the times. Today in 2012 I have seen so many examples of number tickers and date timers. These flip-style cards will display information based on counting time or specific data sets. A great example was the “Countdown to 1 Billion Downloads” ticker from Apple. But there are plenty of other uses for this type of page element.

Check out the small gallery below where I’ve cataloged a bunch of these number tickers. Elements on your website may follow a similar pattern, but remember that functionality outbeats design in every instance. You don’t want to include a number ticker in areas where it’s unneeded, and similarly you want to use them in place of other poor ideas. Build up your own inspirational ideas and feel free to share with us in the post discussion area below.

Ticker First Draft

Tickets & Ticker

Counter for Game

Transaction Ticker

Sidebar Numbers

Weigh In Modal

Antique Wood Count

Condensed Timer

Facebook Likes

Digital Clock

Price Ticker

Event Countdown


Airport Ticker

Website Counter

Metallic Count

Flip Counter



Retro Counter

Total Sales so Far

Green Flip Counter

News Feed Feature

Cool/Lame Widget

A little something

Hi-Def Counter Updates

Flip Counter

Wood Counter

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