Bold Drop-Down Navigation Design for Website Layouts

Featured Image credit to Oykun Yilmaz

If you’ve been designing websites for a while then you must be familiar with dropdown navigation menus. This style of design was popular even a decade or two ago. Except way back when web designers needed to utilize JavaScript for dropdown effects. Now the latest CSS3 enhancements allow for easy coding of html5 dropdown links.

And what a better time to setup a small collection of styles just for web designers? In the showcase below you’ll find dozens of inspirational navigation menus to fit perfectly into any layout scheme. It’s a great solution for multi-level nav websites with lots and lots of page content!



Account Menu

Flowers Dropdown

Profile Dropdown

User Dropdown

Portfolio Menu

Web App Redesign

Shopping Cart Dropdown(PSD)


Login Form

Simple Menu

Recent History

Dark Dropdown

Travelbook Search

Language Dropdown


Gourmet Popcorn Website

Code Hints

Big Dropdown Interface

Shop Drop Down

Construction Menu

Sort Products

Bazaar Menu

Web Search Interface

Anti-Beard Store

Conference App UI/UX

Simple Dropdown

Menu Choices

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