Application Design Styles for Mac OSX

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Apple fans are definitely familiar with the latest release of OS X Lion. The upgrades and features connected into your user account are extraordinary. Not to mention the powerful Mac App Store at your fingertips 24 hours a day. I feel that designing for Mac OS X is an incredible experience, and some of the best professionals also feel the same way. I want to use this post as a source of inspiration for any future OSX applications.

Check out the small gallery below filled with windows and toolbars and dropdown menus. Feel free to share your own ideas or questions in the post discussion area below.

OpenEmu Preferences

OpenEmu Collections

IDE for OS X

VLC Streamer

Installing Application

Instagram for OS X

Divine Office Mac v2

Text Editor: Blue

Reddit for Mac

UI Experiment

NSOutlineView Expanded


Make an Appointment

The Perfect Browser

Miro 4 Chrome

Github Issues

Instant Message App

Basic App UI

Lion Blue UI

Instant Message App Idea

Mail Task App

Photomanager for Mac OS X

Tweet House

iFax for OSX

Setup Fantastical

Canvas App

iTunes Nano


Sketch OSX UI Kit

Photo App for Mac

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