Mini User Profile Widget Designs

Featured Image credit to Javi Pérez

Dribbble artists have been producing a surge of new user profile widgets. This design trend has exploded and provided an uptick in creative energies. I simply love the idea of website user interface boxes, especially pertaining to user information.

I have scoured through all the latest shots for the most impressive user profile displays. These mini widgets are perfect inspiration for upcoming social networks, blogs, forums, or similar styles of websites. Designers can learn a lot by studying these non-traditional works of digital art. And I want to provide this showcase as an educational piece for anybody interested in crafting their own user profile widgets.

Profile Rebound

Sephiroth FFVII

Diablo III

Mini Overview

Mini with Icons


Mini-Profile Freebie PSD

Contra Profile

Mini Instagram

Far Cry 3

Twitter Interface

Made in Fireworks


Instagram Profile PSD

Sonic the Hedgehog

Cover Photo Profile

Dribbble Mini UI

Translucent Profile

Profile with Flag

Instagram Profile Widget

Mini-Profile in HTML/CSS

Santa Claus

Rayman Origins


Profile Concept

Mini Profile Card

Profile View


Profile Dark UI

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