Color Picker Wheels, Menus, and Swatches

Featured Image credit to Thom

Designers are familiar with the typical circular color picker menus. You can see this in various software packages including GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. But what about creating color pickers for websites & mobile apps?

I’ve collected a huge set of color picker interfaces designed for mobile apps & webapps. This gallery also includes some icons and design inspiration related to color swatches. UI design is tough and especially when it comes to dynamic effects. Color pickers are just one interface concept which can be difficult to grasp. It is my hope this inspirational showcase will offer ideas to designers looking to make usable and creative color selectors.

LayerVault Colors

Styling Options

Nose Picker

Color Wheel

iPad Color Wheel


Color Picker Control

Color Picker

Spectrum Wheel

Color Picker Icon


Website UI

Mac Color Picker

HTML Builder

CodePen Color Picker

Slider Interface

Colour Wheel

ActionNotes Palette

Template Editor

Dribbble Colors

Dropper Icon

iPhone Color Wheel

iPad Color Picker

Pantone Swatch Book

Book Illustrations

Crisp Color Swatches

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