Customized iTunes Branding and Icons

Featured Image credit to Dan Wiersema

iTunes is one of the biggest software suites for multimedia enthusiasts. Apple first created the software for music playback & managing a library easier than Quicktime. But now we can see iTunes has expanded to include a Microsoft Windows version, not to mention the iTunes Store. You can purchase full movies and TV shows and download them right to your computer.

I want to dedicate this showcase gallery to the iTunes software and the many revamps it has been through over the years. Designers and fans of Apple technology will certainly love this gallery. I have put together tons of alternate iTunes logos, icons, and illustrations which demonstrate incredible creativity among Dribbble members.

iTunes Docked

Metallic Icon

iTunes 10

iTunes in a Jar


Dark iTunes

3-D iTunes

iTunes in Purple

iTunes Mavericks

Rocks & Lava



iTunes Earbuds

Retro iTunes

iTunes Drive

iTunes 11 Concepts

Glossy Orb

Replacement Icon

iTunes Dark iPod


iTunes Amp

White Icon

Flat iTunes Icon(PSD)

Purple+Orange Icon

Green Music Note

Icon for Practice

iOS iTunes Icon

iTunes Textured Icon

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