Popups and Popovers in iOS User Interfaces

Featured Image credit to Tobias Wiedenmann

New trends are emerging for iPhone and iPad app developers. Along with the release of OSX Mountain Lion we have seen popups and popover menus becoming commonplace. These menus can greatly enhance the user experience by offering tools & navigation without cluttering the screen.

Thus I have put together a small collection of iPhone and iPad application interfaces. All of these UI shots focus on popover windows, generally dictating user input. This is an amazing collection for inspiration and worth a quick peek from any serious mobile designers. You may also pick up on unique trends for building and constructing popover menus for any style of mobile app.

New Post

Choose App Platform

ChowNow Mobile Ordering

Inviting Zooey UI

Create a New Note


In-App Overlay

Profile App Popup

Controls UI Popover

Comment Popup

Error Popup Sample

Popup Alert/Tutorial

Custom Alert View

Tiny Popover on iPad

Reading Toolbar

Recent Activity

Modern Popover Menu

Settings Popover

Weight & Reps

Select a Year

Popover Feed


iPhone Game Settings

iOS Dropdown

iOS App Settings

Share Menu

Feedback Popup

My Account Settings

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