Best Dribble Shots Devoted to Audio UI Elements

Featured Image credit to Kai Aras

Music is a big part of our lives. People began to organize the natural sounds long ago, when the civilization just began to grow. Nowadays we have a huge amount of different genres: from tribal to extreme metal, from country to drum’n’bass, from minimalism to noise. All of them demonstrate the variety of human characters, tastes, visions.

Today music became as available as possible due to internet and devices. You can easily listen to the songs you like from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Then, the idea of nice form for transmitting music appears. This totally concerns UI design and if you want to produce cool music player interface, you need first to absorb a lot of variants. For this purpose I share with you the shots of audio UI elements from Dribbble.



dribble-audio-ui 1

dribble-audio-ui 2

dribbble-audio-ui 2

dribbble-audio-ui 1

dribbble-audio-ui 3

dribbble-audio-ui 4

dribble-audio-ui 3

dribble-audio-ui 4


dribbble-audio-ui 5

dribbble-audio-ui 7

dribble-audio-ui 6

dribble-audio-ui 7

dribbble-audio-ui 8

dribbble-audio-ui 11

dribbble-audio-ui 10

dribbble-audio-ui 9

dribble-audio-ui 8

As you can see the current trends are flat design, retro and skeuomorphism. So, connect to these styles and create. Good luck!

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