White Iphone and Ipad UIs

Featured Image credit to Riccardo Carlet

Mobile technology has transformed the way people communicate. The market for these mobile devices has grown exponentially for the past few years and that trend is expected to continue. A recent report from Mashable forecast that there will be more mobile devices than people by the end of the year. Another report found that most people now prefer to use mobile devices over PCs for media storage.

Customers expectations have evolved as devices become increasingly sophisticated. Mobile manufacturers realize that they need to make their devices as appealing to customers as possible. They have had to make a number of changes to their designs as they strive to cater to their customers’ ever changing demands. One of the biggest changes they have made over the past year is perfecting the layout of their user interface (UI). There used to be a strong demand for colorful UIs with fancy graphics, but customers have since started to show a preference for interfaces with white backgrounds and high pixel density. Here are some of the sweetest UIs that we have come across.

White UI – Final



Device Dashboard – iPad – UI/UX/iOS



Tiny Popover [iPad]


Calendar Screen (iPad App UX/UI)



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