Cute Home Exteriors and House Illustrations

Featured Image credit to Steve Lowtwait

We all live in houses of some shape and size. Around the world in every country you will find villages or towns or cities with many houses blocked together. It is a survival tactic, but it’s also a cultural technique passed on from many generations before us. I really love these designs and so I’ve put together a gallery of beautiful exteriors for typical homes. You can find lots of beautiful artwork which may be inspirational for your own projects.

Squirrel House

custom illustration squirrel house nut design

Brownstone Print

brooklyn stoop brownstone building illustration sketch

Colorful Homes

bright colorful yellow green home illustration

Cabin at Night

smoke chimney nighttime home cabin lights gouache


aerial house illustration suburbs pool lawn

Welcome Home

front door red house big windows 2-story illustration

Cottage in the Woods

forest dark night tree cottage woods creepy illustration

The Yellow House

yellow house design illustration dribbble texture

On The Hills

orange house chimney smoke drawing hills

Home Sweet Home

mountains scenery night log cabin cover artwork

The Model Home

arrested development model home illustration

Finished Portrait

colorful 2-floors home design exterior illustration

Quaint Living

stone house lake boat illustration

Illustrated Exterior

colonial home portrait exterior design

Curvy House

texture picket fence chimney blue patterns


ink illustration pen treehouse wooden design

Casa Aqua

small aqua blue cottage vector illustration house

A Sunny Day

my house red brick white picket fence


pale blue yellow victorian old house illustration

Otradnoe Village

vector illustration houses aerial village artwork

Finnish Dream House

blue dream house scandinavia finland artwork

Sea House

home illustration by the ocean sea city buildings

Little House of Hats

black top hat house chimney illustration

City Houses

block textured illustration city houses development

Cute Home

dark blue flat house illustration design

Pink House in Winter

pink home portrait illustration snowy roof


downtown center cobblestone houses buildings

Forest Home

children dark treehouse forest album cover artwork

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