Graphics of Delicious Chocolate Sweets

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Delicious chocolatey sweets are always a welcome part to any dessert menu. Chocolates are often popular on holidays like Easter and Valentine’s Day. But who says you can’t enjoy chocolate any time of the year?

After checking through Dribbble I have put together this gallery of delicious-looking chocolate graphics. These sweets are all digital ideas or illustrations and they showcase methods for how to create your own mouthwatering designs. I do hope these shots may provide some design inspiration to chocolate lovers all around the world.

Slice of Cake

chocolate cream dessert cake almond artwork

Candy Box

sweets chocolates candy heart box valentine

Chocolate Bar

pieces chocolate bar delicious wrapper graphic


hersheys chocolate delicious artwork illustration

Kinder Surprise

kinder chocolate eggs easter surprise artwork


chocolate cupcake sweet dessert cream pastry

Donut iOS Icon

chocolate donut ios app icon design

Candy Crew

chocolate rabbit bunny ice cream delicious

Chocolate Milkshake

milkshake graphics design chocolate straws


big chocolate chip cookie artwork graphic

Chocolate Pieces

fancy design icons chocolate pieces food

Pastry Icon

chocolate covered dessert pastry app icon


jar nutella icon design graphics

Hot Cocoa

hot chocolate cocoa cup icon design


chocolate milky typography letters alice

Chocolate Love

mixing milk chocolate love purple background

Sweet Love

love chocolate heart dessert graphics design

Choco Berry

chocolate dipped strawberry dessert illustration

Cake Icon

small chocolate cake tart dessert icon

Chococast Logo

chocolate covered microphone icon logo design


youtube yumtube chocolate candy bar wrapper

Steampunk Cookies

chocolate bakery baker illustration graphic

Mini Truffle

mini small chocolate truffle dessert icon

Sweet Life Icon

big dessert glossy icon chocolate design wrapper

Packaging Artwork

branding package chocolate biscuit cookies bears

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