Strangest Ways People Have Broken their Cell Phones


A picture of a broken phone

A picture of a broken phone

Losing a cell phone is very difficult for most people. However, having an interesting story to tell later on can help take the edge off the pain.

Losing a cell phone is a common problem that many people face. However, most people don’t have an interesting story about it. Here are some really odd stories from people whose phones were lost or destroyed.

Chicago White Sox Game

Most baseball fans dream that a ball will be hit to them while they are attending a major league game. One Chicago White Sox fan found that the experience was far more disappointing. He was texting one of his friends when AJ Pierzynski hit a foul ball to the stands. The ball hit his phone and smashed it to pieces. This fan didn’t even get the satisfaction of keeping the ball, because it was swooped away by other fans while they stopped to pick up what remained of the phone.

Bought New Knife and iPhone on Same Day

One reader recently told the Horn Gazelle that they bought a new iPhone and chef’s knife in the same day. They were preparing food when they got a call on their new phone. They got overly excited while answering the phone and accidentally dropped the knife on their foot. They tried to call for help but accidentally dropped the phone in the sink.

They were able to make one call to 911 before the phone died. This person needed to get a dozen stiches and replace the phone they owned for less than 24 hours. This clearly wasn’t their best day.

Shaving for the Beach

One woman called in sick to have a day off from work to go to the beach. She decided that her legs needed to be shaved before she could be seen in a bathing suit. She realized that she left her phone in her pocket when she went to the bathroom and it flew out. The phone went into a foot of water and was fried completely.

Ironically, this woman also worked for a cell phone company. Fortunately, they were able to replace it for her.

A woman wasn't very happy when her phone broke while changing for the beach.

A woman wasn’t very happy when her phone broke while changing for the beach.

Defense Against a Bear

One civil engineer took his phone with him to take pictures of an area he was surveying. He heard something behind him and turned around. He was face to face with a huge black bear. The engineer became overly excited and threw the phone at the bear’s nose to scare it away. He ran back to the truck and turned around. He didn’t expect to see the bear would run away with his phone in its mouth.

Accidentally Microwaved

One woman lost her phone while making her breakfast at work. She was holding her pastry bag and a number of other items. She didn’t want to take the time to put her phone in her purse while making breakfast. She absentmindedly put it in her pastry bag and threw it into the microwave. She was pretty shocked when she realized that she had nuked her phone.

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