My Recent Interview With Karan Chopra of

Karan Chopra is the founder of

Karan Chopra is the founder of

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Karan Chopra on Blogger Linkup. Karan is the founder of, a new resource for WordPress users. Karan launched his site a few months and it has already become one of the most popular I have come across. currently receives over 50,000 visitors a month. Karan was kind enough to answer some questions when I interviewed him. Here are some responses.

JustWP is a fascinating new site for WordPress  developers.

JustWP is a fascinating new site for WordPress developers.

1.      What is and Who is running it?

Karan: I founded JustWP (or Just WordPress) a few months ago. I am proud to call myself a WordPress Junkie, so I created this a resource the umbrella of G2One Network. JustWP offers WordPress news, tips, tutorials, reviews and lots more. The goal of the site is to make life simpler for anyone using or planning to use the WordPress.

The blog covers everything that is required for creating a WordPress blog including: themes, plugins, tutorials, snippets, graphics, showcase, hosting and deals. It is a one stop WordPress tutorial zone.

2.      What makes it so popular?

Karan: I am constantly bringing more and more important and useful content to my readers. The blog gets updated once every weekday, which makes it a a strong light and brings everything on the chart for the readers.

3.      How has your personal expertise helped your blog grow?

Karan: I only cover topics that my readers need on a regular basis. I explain things clearly, rather than making it sound like rocket science. In short, I communicated my expertise clearly, which has helped the blog grow.

4.      What are the best things that your site offers?

Karan: While I covered everything in the above questions I answered, the core of the blog covers everything that a WordPress website developer, designer or anyone using a content management system needs to know in a simple and understandable manner. Reading the content on blog makes you no fizzy in action but one-in-all you will start loving the content from the very first go.

5.      How are you building an audience?

Karan:  Word of mouth. I heard from many of my new readers that they come to the blog through some of their contacts and social media sharing. The content that happy readers share has brought many new readers to my blog.

Thank you so much for the interview Karan! To any of my readers, you can connect with Karan through any of the channels listed below.

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