Proof that Futurama Gives the Best Useless Dating Advice Ever!

Futurama is a great show, but I find myself getting stupider every time I watch it. I don’t dare think about how many brain cells I lost when I first saw their show “I dated a Robot” over a decade ago.

Apparently, that wasn’t the only time Futuarama addressed the issue of dating. I found a couple of images on the very topic that just went viral on Imgur today. I never would really want to use Phillip Fry or Professor Farnsworth as dating role models, but these images still amused me.

If you are still looking for love then there is still hope. I mean come on, if a goofy looking intergalactic pizza delivery boy like Fry can get someone then so can you.

Dating tips from Futurama

Tips on love from Futurama

Futurama on Dating

What does futurama really know about dating?

What does futurama really know about dating?

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