Puppy Adoption Photobombs Show the Warmer Side of Instagram

miley-cyrus-muttbombingInstagram has been the center of a number of controversies. First, people were outraged when they heard that the company changed its TOS to be allowed to share user information with advertisers. Then there were journalists that said that Instagram was the most depressing social network because it was full of narcissists and stalkers. It is about time that the site finally caught a break. A new post showed how selfies (yes selfies) can actually be used to help puppies find new homes.

Puppy Photobombs Lead to Adoptions

I was just checking out my buddy Justin’s website Design Faves. Justin published a cool post that made me have a totally different view of Instagram. Justin talked about how a dog shelter was actually using dogs to photobomb pictures of celebrities to draw attention to its cause. They even coined the term muttbomb to describe the new trend. You check out Justin’s blog post to learn more about the concept.

They have used a number of pop celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. You can even find this picture of Jimmy Fallon.


Here is a sample picture of a dog muttbombing the Today Show. They even got the detail down to the dog’s reflection on the table.


More Positive Side of Instragram

I will admit,  I haven’t been  the hugest fan of Instagram. I personally just thought the site was kind of shallow. Many other critics are a lot harsher about it. They have said that the site is just a cesspool of egocentric millennials posting selfies of themselves. As a millennial that has taken my share of selfies, I think that is a bit harsh, but I guess I could see how some people would have thought that too.

However, the success of the muttbombing trend shows that Instragram can have a much nobler purpose.

While the photos are entertaining, the real value is the cause that they have promoted. Leslie Sans, the Executive Director of Dallas Pets Alive, said that the muttbombing trend has led to many new puppies being adopted. It appears that Instragram and the selfie trend have had more of a positive impact than I ever gave them credit for.

What are your thoughts on the new trend? Please feel free to share this story to help more pets find new homes!


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