Redditor Recreates Every NBA Team Logos as Pokemon

Redditor Kleeetz has done something pretty darn cool. He has recreated the logos of every team in the NBA. He also took a pretty unique spin – turning them all into Pokemon characters.

I have to give Kleeetz props on this one. I have never associated a single team in the NBA with Pokemon, but he really did a kick-ass job here.  I have included the images below for you to check out. Please let me know what you think!

Some of the other Redditors on the thread said that some of the images need a little bit of work. I guess there may be some room for improvement, but overall I thought Kleeetz did a pretty good job. I think that the only one that really needs an overall is the Pacers one (I can’t tell, is that Pikachu?) Other than that one, I think they turned out pretty good. This was a pretty hard concept to put together, but he certainly had a very interesting spin on it.

My only disappointment was that the Rockets had to be replaced by Team Rocket. I understand that made the most sense so I can’t fault him for doing that, but I just wish one of my favorite teams didn’t have to be denigrated that way..

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