Four Big Brands that Are Redesigning Their Logos this Year

This is turning out to be a huge year for logos. A number of the largest brands are either giving their logos a makeover. Others are scrapping them and starting from scratch.

In the past month, four different companies announced that they will be unveiling new logos in the near future. Smaller brands are also using new products like Logo Creator to make changes of their own. Here is an overview of the new changes.

Golden State Warriors Hold Contest for New Logo

The Golden State Warriors are considering changing the city that they are affiliated with. Rick Welts, President and CEO of the Warriors, said that the franchise wants to hear what the fans think before committing to a decision.

The Warriors are holding a contest to determine if the team will have a new logo. They have already received 1,213 submissions from artists around the country. The winner will receive a $500 prize. The entries have been narrowed down to 8 finalists. You can vote for them on this page at 99 Designs.

PayPal Needs Logo for Mobile Future

Paypal has used the same logo since 2007. The company has admitted that it has had a perception problem. It is trying to make some changes to start over with a clean slate. One of those changes is a new logo. This was only the second time Paypal redesigned its logo since opening in 1998.

The new logo is going to be a huge change for the company. Yves Béhar, the lead designer, said that the company needs to adapt to new technology. He said that the old logo was designed for people that were trying to conduct financial transactions on desktop applications. He said that the new logo will cater to people using mobile devices as well.

Does Netflix’s New Logo Suck?

Netflix also decided that its logo needed a face-lift. However, the company didn’t try to draw much attention to it. They may not have been too confident that the logo was all that great.

They may have had a good reason to lack confidence in the new logo. Some people thought the new logo looked nice, but others thought it was bit dull.

Design Crowd has started taking submissions for another logo. They plan to send the best ones to Netflix for review.

IFC Channel Redesign

The IFC Channel also announced that it will be making huge changes to its brand image. Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing & digital media, said that every aspect of the company’s brand will be overhauled.

Callway confirmed that the re-branding effort will involve completely new logo. They haven’t shared any details about it so far.

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