Getting Images for Your New Website

There are a number of factors that you need to consider while designing a new website. Images play an important role in boosting engagement and helping your website with SEO. Unfortunately, finding quality images can be one of the most difficult steps for newbie designers, so you will need to know where to look. The good news is that there are a number of different sources to look into.

Where Can You Find Images for Your Website

There are a number of different sources that are worth looking into if you want to find images for your website. Here are some sources that you should be aware of. It may be a good idea to check a number of different image sources, because you will probably find more quality images if you expand the options that you consider.

Create Your Own Photos

One of the best options for adding visual content to your website is to create it yourself. You can take your own pictures, modify existing photos (if you have a license to do so) or request images from partners or customers. Creating original images allows you to easily distinguish yourself from other businesses and better engage with customers.

DIY Website Tools

Most people that are creating their own websites use DIY website tools such as These platforms often have their own images, which are also worth checking out. These images are typically better options than other most stock image databases, because fewer people use them, which means that it is easier to stand out with them.


Flickr is one of the most popular sources of images for websites. Flickr boasts that 4.25 billion images were uploaded to its site between 2004 and 2014. Unfortunately, most of them don’t include a license to be shared.  You will need to check the licensing requirements to see if the distributor allows you to share. Flickr has a Creative Commons Search Engine that allows you to easily identify images that you can use on your own website. However, you will still need to check the licensing guidelines, because some sites don’t allow you to use images for commercial purposes.

Stock Image Sites

There are also a number of stock image databases that let you search for relevant images for your website. These sites usually sell images for less than a dollar. The downside is that the images are often poor quality, so it’s difficulty to use them to engage your viewers or earn their trust. Most of them have also been used on hundreds of other websites, which means that they aren’t ideal for building your brand.

However, there are still some gems on stock image sites, so it’s definitely worth looking into them. You may want to use more uncommon keywords to find stock images that haven’t been used by lots of other website owners.


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