Common Mistakes With Affiliate Landing Pages

Most newbie affiliate marketers have a difficult time making sales. One of their biggest challenges is creating landing pages that convert well. Here are some reasons your landing pages may not be converting as well as you would like. You can address these problems to boost your sales.

Lacking Important Content

Many people don’t know what to put on their affiliate landing pages. You will need to know what your audience is looking for when they arrive. There are a couple of things that you need to do when you are convincing people to buy your product:

  • Describe the functions of the product.
  • Explain how it benefits the customer.
  • Gain the customer’s trust.

You need to keep these things in mind when you are creating your landing page. You will need to make sure that you have all information listed on your page. Your landing page should have the following:

  • A clear description of the product.
  • A picture of the product if available.
  • Any testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Information about the vendor.

This information will inspire more customers to purchase your products. This is something anyone setting up an ecommerce site should keep in mind.

Poor Presentation

You also need to design your website so that your content is presented properly if you want people to buy the products you are promoting. Your content needs to be organized, succinct and laid out cleanly. Here are some things that you should do:

  • Keep your web copy as succinct as possible. It is usually best to keep it under 200 words (ideally under 100). Your visitors will be much more likely to buy if you get right to the point and don’t make them read a lot of unnecessary information.
  • Make sure your call to action is as clear as possible. People are much less likely to purchase products if they have to guess what you are asking them to do.
  • Make sure that the design is clean and professional. Customers are more likely to trust an affiliate marketer that has invested in creating a professional website.
  • Use a font that is easy to read and stands out from the background. You need to make sure that people can read your message.

Most experts estimate that you only have about two to three seconds to get your readers’ attention. You need to make sure that you make a great first impression so they keep reading more about what you have to offer.

Remove Distractions

You need to keep your bounce rate as low as possible if you want your visitors to buy the product you are promoting. You should remove all distractions to keep them on your landing page.

The purpose of your landing page is to drive people to your affiliate partner’s website. You don’t want to distract them with links to other sites or internal links to your own website.

You should also make sure that all content on the page supports your goal. Get rid of any pictures or written content that doesn’t pertain to the product you are promoting. Everything you post on your landing page should be there to boost your conversion rates.

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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