How Analytics is Helping Salespeople Measure Social Marketing ROIs

Sales can be a very cutthroat profession. Many salespeople have a difficult time meeting their quotas while others outperform salespeople from competing companies and the other salespeople on their own team. The smartest ones embrace Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest and use new tools and technology to meet their goals.

Social media has been one of the mediums they have used in recent years. However, salespeople need to pay close attention to their analytics to monitor their ROIs. This is one of the reasons that the analytics platforms at Webaction can be so useful.

Can Social Media Help the Profession?

Many salespeople have started using social media over the past several years. Many people have wondered how much it actually benefited the profession. Jim Keenan is an expert on online and traditional marketing. He founded A Sales Guy Consulting and cre8buzz to help salespeople leverage digital media to meet their quotas.

Keenan has been advocating salespeople to use social media for a long time. However, many people were skeptical of his advice because he didn’t have any hard data to support it. He recently conducted a study that shows social media can be an excellent tool to help people boost their traffic.

Keenan’s study found that nearly three-quarters of salespeople using social media are able to outperform their competitors. He expected the numbers to show that social media was a great tool for salespeople, but was surprised that the figure was that high. The study also indicated that the average salesperson using social media exceeded their quota by 10% more than salespeople who were not using it.

More Than a Correlation?

Many people have been impressed by Keenan’s study, but remain skeptical of the numbers. They suggested that the results may only show a correlation between social media usage and sales results rather than showing that social media is the actual cause. The data could indicate that salespeople who are willing to invest the time and energy into using social media are more proactive and more likely to get sales.

This may be a good point, but Keenan’s research shows that social media seems to directly impact sales results. Approximately 55 percent of salespeople using social media were able to show that they received at least one sale directly from their social networks. More than two-fifths of those using social media used it to close at least two sales and over a tenth said that social media is a key component of their sales efforts.

Is Social Media a Viable Use of Their Time?

This data shows that social media can be a great way to meet sales quotas. Many salespeople may be interested by the findings, but may still wonder if it is really going to be worth their time. Most of the people using social media said that they spend less than 10% of their time using it. This shows that it is a good investment of their time. The study may encourage them to spend even more time using it in the future.

Social media won’t replace traditional sales efforts, but it can be a great way to supplement them. If you are a salesperson then you may want to consider investing some time in social media to help you boost your sales efforts.

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