About Us

Design Tickle is a fun new online magazine focusing on (good) design content. The site caters articles to the latest & greatest trends in mobile design, user interfaces, and website layouts. We also try to put together tons of freebies and galleries for the many upcoming web designers all around the world.

All of our galleries are based off related Dribbble shots. There are thousands of contributors to Dribbble’s growing network every single day. And it’s arguable that Dribbble is a community full of the most talented designers you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. We keep up with the pulse of new design trends by publishing various showcases of the best artwork, website layouts, mobile UI, and various other topics.

Our blog theme is based off WPBundle’s Tickle theme and proudly supports WPBundle/WooThemes WordPress projects. We will try to update the template frequently.

If you like our posts then feel free to share us around the net! We strive to update on at least a weekly basis and often tweet our latest posts on Twitter @designtickle. And similarly Pinterest users can check out our recent pins.