5 Steps To Help You Level A Concrete Floor

A substantial building material, concrete is used for home foundations and other construction purposes. Concrete slabs, however, can crack or sink over time due to pressure or movement during settling. Concrete lifting is the solution to it. So, how do you raise a concrete slab?

To level the surface, a sunken slab may need to be lifted.

You can always opt for hiring local professionals for concrete leveling in Weldon Spring, MO. But before you hire professional help in Missouri, you can try your hand at work. This will save you some money.

Steps to DIY Concrete Level

When a concrete slab begins to sink, it is primarily due to the support beneath it becoming weak. It can be that dirt beneath it has gotten wet or the concrete has been damaged by accident.

Gather All Materials

For DIY leveling, you can either use foam or latex self-leveling compound. Both the products are readily available in the market. Also, keep a sledgehammer, trowel, and chisel handy.

Assess the Damage

Check the floor properly to assess the extent of the damage. Are there too many cracks? Can you do it on your own?

If you think you can handle the damage on your own, it’s time to get into action.

Prepare for Repair

Clean the floor well. It’s essential to start on a clean floor with debris and particles. If you start on a foundation full of other particles and debris, your floor will start cracking in a few days of repair.

Once the floor is clean, brush the floor with a brush to wet it. This will prevent the floor from drying quickly and give you enough time to work on it.

Repair the Floor

Find out all the cracks and holes on the floor. Large cracks and holes should be filled with sand and cement mortar. Apply the self-leveling compound to more minor cracks or holes, then smooth with a trowel before it hardens.

Once this process is complete, let the floor dry. After drying, apply a coat of water for the application of the compound. Do not apply too much water.

Apply the Compound

If you are using latex compound or foam, it is at this stage you should use them. Mix the mixture well to get a thick consistency, and apply it to your floor. You should be quick at this stage as the compound might harden. Use a trowel to level it.

That’s it; you are all set!

When Do You Need Professional Help?

If the concrete is too old and broken up, DIY won’t help.

Without proper maintenance, concrete often gets broken beyond repair. Garage slabs, driveways, and sidewalks are the most common examples where concrete sinks.

You might think that covering the concrete with a skim coat of new cement or some kind of epoxy or foam would be an option, but without a good, stable foundation, these fixes would quickly deteriorate, putting you back where you started.

Since DIY will not be of much help, it’s best to tear it out and replace it in this case.

If you plan to tear it out and build from scratch, getting experts for concrete leveling in Weldon Spring, Missouri, is best. There’s nothing for which the experts won’t have a solution.