How to Engrave and Cut Wood with a Laser Machine


Countless materials can be used with a laser machine, but wood is always a popular choice. Laser wood engraving offers individuals many options for creating amazing projects. It is important individuals learn as much as possible about their options and what they can expect from the machine. By continuing to read and visiting the website, people can learn more from Boss Laser.

What Types of Wood Can Be Used With a Laser Machine?

Using a laser machine offers many benefits, including the ability to use a wide range of wood choices. It is important to know what types of wood can be used with a laser machine. The following are some of the type’s individuals can expect to use.

  • Balsa Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • Hickory Wood
  • Red Oak Wood
  • Exotic Hardwoods

There is a multitude of woods that can be used. As long as the wood is not overly soft, it can be used with these machines. Even some fabricated woods may be engraved with the laser machine. Unlike CNC machines, which limit a person on the designs they can use, laser machines offer almost limitless designs. Individuals can even customize their own designs for amazing projects in manufacturing and hobbies.

What to Expect from the Laser Machine?

The type of wood a person uses will determine the outcome. The laser machine will make the wood turn light or dark. The reaction that occurs will depend on the sap level in the wood, which is why some woods are preferable over others. For the best results, it is wise to use woods like cherry, hickory, and balsa wood, though many other woods can be used, depending on the final look that is desired.

No matter which type of wood a person chooses, it is imperative they choose one that has a smooth grain. Rough grains can sometimes cause undesirable results. Before choosing any new wood, it is wise to try a sample first and see how it looks after the laser engraving.

The reason a heavy and rough grain is undesirable for a laser machine is that the grain tends to vaporize unevenly, which could lead to lacklustre results. When used on a smooth, hard piece of wood, the results are amazing.

Aside from testing different wood samples, it is also helpful to work with different settings and speeds. Getting a feel for how the machine works, before using it on the best woods, will allow new users to prevent making costly mistakes on their projects.

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Laser machines can cut, engrave, and etch a variety of materials. With programs like CorelDraw or AutoCAD, the design options are limitless. Individuals can create their own designs or use templates. Visit the website today to get started on choosing the perfect machine.