Know about  Online Marriage Counseling

Online marriage counseling is a growing concern, with estimates from 2006 showing that as many as 12 million people were in online marriages. As people are starting to use internet dating platforms and social networking sites more frequently, the idea of Virtual marriage counseling has become more present. There are several reasons why individuals might be seeking out this form of relationship advice, ranging from an existing mental or physical condition to an inability to form traditional relationships.

The idea of legal consultations over distance can seem daunting for some couples, but there are several benefits that come with this type of service. The consultation is usually free or comes with a reduced cost depending on your needs.

Face to Face with a Licensed Marriage Counselor

One of the major benefits of attending a consultation with an accredited marriage or divorce counselor is the ability to speak face to face with a legal professional. This can be especially beneficial for those who are already in relationships and are looking for advice on how to make those relationships better. It is also helpful for new couples who might need help finding their footing without any pre-existing relational expectations.

UCLA Marriage Project found that couples in online marriages have reported satisfying outcomes compared to other forms of dating. The report also mentioned that online marriages often maintained higher levels of communication and intimacy than traditional relationships, which also makes online marriage counseling an efficient way for couples seeking guidance from a certified professional.

Layered Security Measures

Online marriage counseling services are often accompanied by additional security measures designed to reduce the risk of any personal information that is disclosed during the consultation becoming public knowledge. This can include a variety of methods, such as the use of a private chat room and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) between the participants.

When a client shares sensitive information, such as their mental or physical health issues, they are able to ensure that their concerns will be treated with care and privacy. If they do feel pressured or uncomfortable during a session, these techniques can be used to facilitate an exit from the conversation.

Free Online Decision-Making Assistance

Online marriage counseling is a great option for couples who are unable to afford a traditional consultation, especially those in financial hardship. The $30 registration fee can provide clients the opportunity to determine what their needs are and how the marriage or relationship will proceed, which can eliminate reoccurrence of similar situations in the future.


Online consultations also allow clients to share important information with someone that does not know their real name. There are also many ways for couples to keep online conversations private and secure from prying eyes, although individuals should check with their counselor about which methods they use.