Now BBQs 2u Will Answer All Questions of Customers Related to Ooni Ovens


People of UK recognize BBQs 2u for their excellent service in offering grilled food and pizzas, which they have been doing for the last 3 decades. BBQs 2u is very passionate about these foods and they have got plenty of experience in making such foods too.

Now BBQs 2u have decided to expand their business further and take up the responsibilities of selling those ovens of a few well-known brands of the oven makers of the world.

Onni is also one such company that is represented by BBQs 2u in UK. Interested people can now buy these ovens from them and they will be responsible for providing the after-sales service and also answer all questions regarding these ovens.

The following are a few Ooni Pizza Oven FAQs that have been answered by BBQs 2u, which are provided below.

Can these Ooni Pizza Ovens be used indoors?

Actually, no, as all the models of the Ooni Pizza Ovens have been designed and also certified for only outdoor use.

Will there be any difference between wood or gas-powered ovens as far as performance or taste is concerned?

Wood-fired cooking imparts a delicate wood-fired flavour. Wood-fired food has a unique flavour profile, and the aromas and sound can enhance the overall cooking experience.

When preparing dishes that require a lower, consistent temperature, gas is a handy fuel source. The temperature of your Ooni oven may be easily managed using the gas control dial, and it won’t need to be adjusted during the cooking process.

The choice of fuel is entirely up to the users and the type of cooking experience they desire – all Ooni Pizza Ovens are fantastic in their own right.

How to clean any stone baking board?

Running the Ooni Pizza Oven at high temperatures will clean the stone baking board. Using the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush or a similar hard bristle grill brush one can remove stubborn debris from the stone.

Users can flip the stone baking board for a fresh start the next time they cook after each cook when the oven is completely cool – the high temperatures inside the Ooni Pizza Oven will naturally clean the underside.

Can the Ooni Pizza Oven be always kept outdoors all year round?

Ooni Ovens are made to last, and users can leave them outside all year. When the oven is not in use, use the specially designed Ooni Pizza Oven Covers to protect it from the elements.

To safeguard the Ooni Oven from extreme weather conditions, it is recommended that users store it indoors for lengthy periods of time while not in use.

However, if consumers continue to store their Ooni Oven outside beneath an Ooni Oven Cover, it is recommended that the stone be brought inside during rain and other inclement weather to prevent it from becoming wet or otherwise damaged.

More answers can also be found on Instagram where many users must have posted reviews after using these ovens for a much longer time, which will be more authenticated too.