Numnahs Saddle Pad That Protects Your Horse From Riding & Jumping Impact

Saddle pads are a necessary part of horse care, but they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Many riders don’t realize that their saddle pad can cause just as much damage as the horse itself when it’s improperly fitted. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Numnahs: the saddle pad that protects your horse from riding and jumping impact. Numnahs is the first saddle pad designed specifically for horses, and it features state-of-the-art technology that prevents injuries while riding. With Numnahs, you can finally rest assured that your horse is safe and comfortable while on the ground or in the air.

How do I order a Numnahs saddle pad?

If you’re looking for a saddle pad that will protect your horse from riding and jumping impact, the Numnahs saddle pad is the perfect option. Available in both regular and extra-deep sizes, this saddle pad has a comfortable fit for most horses. You can order it online or in select stores across the United States.

How do I put on a Numnahs saddle pad?

Numnahs saddle pad is a revolutionary product that has been designed to protect your horse from riding and jumping impact. It is made of durable suede material and fits most standard saddles. The Numnahs saddle pad also comes with an adjustable fit system that ensures a proper fit for your horse.  To put on the Numnahs saddle pad, first ensure that your horse’s bridle is properly fitted. Slip the Numnahs saddle pad over the horse’s back, making sure that it sits below the tailbone and covers all of the base of the spine. Adjust the fit system to ensure a perfect fit.  Next, fasten the buckles on both sides of the saddle pad. Finally, put on your horse’s regular riding clothes and ride out! The Numnahs saddle pad will help to protect your horse from riding and jumping impact while providing added comfort and protection.

What if my horse doesn’t like the feeling of the Numnahs saddle pad?

If your horse doesn’t seem to enjoy the feeling of the new Numnahs saddle pad, try using it for a short period of time and then gradually working your way up to longer periods of use. You can also try adding padding underneath the saddle to further soften the impact.

Can I use a different type of saddle pad with Numnahs?

No matter what type of saddle pad you use, always make sure it fits your horse properly. Numnahs are a new type of saddle pad that comes in both soft and hard varieties. The soft variety is made from memory foam and is designed to protect your horse’s midsection from riding and jumping impact. The hard variety is made from rubber and is designed to help distribute the force of your horse’s movements when jumping or riding. Numnahs come in different sizes to fit most horses, and they are also machine-washable for easy care. They are available in three colors: black, brown, and green. Are you looking for a saddle pad that will protect your horse from riding and jumping impacts? Numnahs has you covered! With a variety of options to choose from, including hard and soft surfaces, we have the perfect saddle pad for your horse. Plus, all of our saddle pads are machine-washable and resistant to UV rays, so you can be sure they’re durable. Give Numnahs a try today and see how our products can help keep your horse safe while he’s out enjoying his day.