Practical Opportunities for the Right Quantity of CBD Boxes

The shape and weight of the packaging must also be optimized in order to facilitate the packaging of CBD boxes products. Reducing the weight of the pallets is also a way of reducing the cost of transporting goods and reducing air pollution. The challenge for manufacturers is therefore to create packaging made from materials that degrade very easily under the most unfavorable conditions.

Towards Edible Packaging

Obviously the best ecological packaging is the one that does not exist. Thus, the idea of ​​developing edible packaging turns out to be attractive and fun. Some companies have thus embarked on the adventure. But the concept of edible packaging comes up against several issues. If the container becomes consumable, how can the strict hygiene standards in force are respected? How would the packaging go about avoiding contamination with dirt, dust or, of course, bacteria? At present the argument that edible packaging would do away with packaging seems utopian.

Emergence of Smart and Connected Packaging

Technological development is now taking place in all areas. The Custom Candle Boxes are no exception to the rule. In recent years, industry specialists have been thinking about how they could make packaging smarter.

Smart Packaging

As we have seen above, the packaging of the future could consist of sensors making it possible to provide information on the freshness of a product. But the innovations don’t stop there. Sensors can indicate when the temperature of a product has changed. This is crucial in the fresh and frozen industry for the preservation of the cold chain.

Some Vape Cartridge boxes packaging can also play an active role in product protection. AMP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a method which makes it possible, for example, to replace the air inside a packaging in order to replace it with a gas ensuring better protection and conservation of the product. This is then a so-called “protective atmosphere” packaging. This method has been used since the 1990s for packaging meat, fish and vegetables in particular. According to the Market Research, the smart packaging sector is expected to grow by more than 5% between 2019 and 2025.

Connected Packaging

The packaging becomes a data carrier. With digitization, the role of packaging is changing. This also becomes a data carrier an advantage for offering new interactions with the consumer.

Apple Packaging

Via the QR Code on trays, bottles, bags, sachets the consumer can thus learn more about the product thanks to textual, audio or video content.

QR Code

Beyond the marketing tool (via the possibility of developing games, building customer loyalty, etc.), this data could offer more transparency to consumers, in terms of traceability by allowing them, for example, to follow all the stages of the process the manufacture of the product.