6 Unique Traditional Beverages You Can Only Find in Semarang

Semarang is the capital of the province of Central Java. This city also has many interesting tourist destinations that must be visited. On average, various cities in Indonesia still maintain their traditions and culture, including the city of Semarang.

Culinary tourism is one of the traveler’s goals while on vacation. Well, in Semarang, besides having delicious cakes, this city also has traditional drinks. So, here are six kinds of traditional Semarang drinks that you can try.

  • Wedang Kacang Tanah

Wedang kacang tanah is the right drink for you to enjoy when the cold air hits Semarang. Made with a blend of peanuts, this drink provides a unique taste. Because it has been boiled, the peanuts served in this drink will have a soft texture when it reaches the mouth. The way of doing this drink is by mixing peanuts with peanut juice and adding Indonesian spices.

Served warm in a small bowl, this drink has a sweet taste.

  • Es Puter Conglik

Es puter conglik is a legendary drink typical of the city of Semarang. The term conglik comes from the word kacong which means “messenger,” and cilik means “small”. This started with the early maker of es puter conglik, who used to be an errand boy to deliver goods.

The flavors are also quite varied, such as durian, young coconut, chocolate, and avocado. Ice puter conglik will also be served with other ingredients, such as pacar cina or mutiara sago, slices of bread, young coconut meat, and siwalan fruit flesh. Its soft texture and sweet taste will make you feel refreshed after drinking it.

  • Es Pannkuk

The word pankuk in this dish is adapted from the English word pancake. Pancuk are pancakes made from eggs and flour. Pankuk ice in the city of Semarang is a kind of refreshing ice cream pancake. Serving ice cream will be accompanied by slices of white bread, jelly, and thinly sliced ​​pancakes.

  • Jamu Jun

Jamu jun is a place where you can buy herbs with a sweet taste. Jamu jun is a traditional drink from Semarang in the form of a combination of 21 spices mixed with brown sugar so it doesn’t taste bitter. The spices used in Jamu jun use ingredients such as rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and coconut milk which make the texture look a bit thick. In addition, when served jamu jun, small brown balls are usually added, called krasikan and it is made of grated coconut, ginger, and brown sugar. Jamu jun will be served warm.

  • Es Cao

Es cao is a traditional Semarang drink that represents the fusion of two cultures, namely Java and China. Es cao is a fresh drink that uses cao ingredients, or better known as grass jelly. In order to make it taste better, es cao is also often added with other fruits as a complement.

Es cao is generally served with shaved ice and added fresh gravy in the form of orange juice doused with syrup. The various ingredients will produce a combination of sweet and sour flavors that make es cao very fresh to be enjoyed in the midst of the hot weather of Semarang.

  • Cong Yang

Cong which is an alcoholic drink from the city of Semarang that has been around since the 80s. This original drink from the city of Semarang was actually made by a Chinese medicine maker. Similar to es Cao, Cong is also the result of acculturation of Javanese and Chinese cultures. This drink is made from fermented white rice and sugar. Because this drink contains 19.5% alcohol, it’s best not to drink it in excess.

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