4 Myths and Facts about Eyelash Extensions

As about all other things, about eyelash extensions too there are a lot of misunderstandings. Especially ladies who are new to lash extensions have these misconceptions.


Let’s today learn about these lash extensions myths and try to know the truth.

Myth 1 – The Life of Your Lash Extensions Depends on Your Technician’s Skills

Fact – If you think that your technician should have a world-class skill so as to extend the life of your lash extensions, you’re thinking wrong.

The fact is that, the life of your extensions depends on so many factors.

If you consider percentage-wise, the life of your new lash extensions depends 30% on your technician’s skills, 30% on the quality of your extensions and glue, and 40% on your own skills to take care of them.

This means that how long your extensions will last depends more on your own way of taking care of your lash extensions than your technician’s skills.

Myth 2 –Even Your Nail Artist can Apply Lash Extensions Successfully

Fact –Although this is not totally a myth, it actually depends on the nail artist’s expertise; so, it’s partially a myth and partially a truth.

The art of applying lash extensions is deceptively easy. Actually it needs very high technical expertise to do the job correctly.

It also needs a high level of experience with various eye shapes, colour and curl of the lashes to make the best decision about which lashes will be right for you.

Some nail artists might be doing lash extensions too. But how well they can do it really depends on their expertise and experience.


Myth 3 – Cheap Lash Extensions too are As Good

Fact – Believe in the adage – You always get what you pay for! Cheap lash extensions would naturally be made with low-quality materials so that they can be really affordable.

So also, the glue will also be low-quality. If the extensions and glue are made from high-quality materials, the vendor just can’t afford to offer them to you for a low price.

Low-quality materials may or may not give you the looks you desire. But they have also a risk of causing damage to your natural lashes and eyelids.

Even their lifespan may be less. So, you may have to do the refills at a higher frequency and thus, you spend the same amount.

Myth 4 – All Lash Extensions are Ultimately the Same

Fact – This again is totally a myth. Lash extensions differ a lot in quality. When you opt for high-quality extensions like that at Fancy Lash, you get them customised to your individual needs.

You’ll find no two lash extension sets identical. How to customise your lash extensions is determined by your eye shape, colour of your hair, colour of your eyebrows and sensitivity of your eyes.

When you opt for high-quality lash extensions, you’ll find that the provider designs individual lash extension set differently to meet the person’s individual needs.

Naturally, when you get high-quality lash extensions like the volume eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash, you get the best looks.

With all the myths and misunderstandings removed, go ahead with a clear mind and get your beautiful lash extensions.