Ecological Alternatives That Exist Within The Air Conditioning Sector


Therefore, in today’s article, we want to talk to you about ecological cooling alternatives that exist within the air conditioning sector and that you can install in your home both the residential and commercial ones:

Mechanical Or Intelligent Ventilation

Within the mechanical ventilation system, we find on the one hand the controlled mechanical ventilation that works with central ventilation that forces the extraction of air to renew it and thus guarantee the quality of the indoor air. This type of ventilation allows you to efficiently manage energy consumption when renewing the interior air of space.

And on the other hand, there is double flow mechanical ventilation. Perfect for homes, since, in this case, cold air is not emitted as in the mechanics, but the air that also arrives filtered is renewed. With this system, what is achieved is good air circulation. Eliminating stale air from rooms. Although the cooling, compared to traditional air conditioning equipment, is not so great, it will not be necessary to cool the air if the correct installation is carried out.

The main advantage of this type of system is that they are healthier and cost less. So they are an efficient solution to save on energy and consumption. Besides, they are equipment that is constantly operating and not randomly like traditional air conditioners.

Aerothermal Ventilation System

One of the methods that work best to obtain good ventilation and at the same time achieve energy efficiency, which allows us to have a comfortable temperature in our homes, is the aerothermal system. This type of system is very efficient for cooling houses in summer, but even for heating rooms in winter.

How does it work? Aerothermal extracts the air from the street efficiently thanks to a heat pump. It is a system that can be used even with low temperatures below zero degrees. They are equipment capable of generating 78% of energy at no cost. The rest of the energy will be created through the electrical supply. But its expense is minimal compared to conventional air conditioning equipment.

These systems are perfect to be installed in single-family or medium-sized homes with a company near me; in the so-called passive houses, a type of construction or house in which the resources of bioclimatic architecture combined with energy efficiency are used. Or even in fully automated smart buildings where everything is interconnected and controlled via the Internet.