The Best Dogs for Condo and Apartment Living

Big, massive dogs with long tails, powerful claws and high energy level need spacious space, are not best suited for small apartments. With the size of your apartment, temperament, the energy level of the pet must be taken into account. Many larger breeds of dog with low activity are happy to curl on the sofa, watching TV with you. On the other hand, small breed dogs with hyperactivity require enough playtime and long brisk walk with the owner. Neighbors are another factor, if your pet barks incessantly, it will irk them. Your dog must be polite to the next door when they meet in the passage or elevator. With these common traits, here some species ideal to be apartment pets.


Basenji is a great family dog to live with neighbors and small space. This dog was bred for hunting, but with a time that trait is subdued. They are one of the most smallish hounds, weighing 10 to 11 kilograms, with 16 to 17 inches in height. The legs are long compared to the overall dimension, making them agile, and fast. They don’t bark, but growl and yodel. Basenjis are shy to strangers but very loving and protective to the owner and other family members. They are intelligent, but a shade adamant; you need to be loving, caring, and patient while training. The dog is a bit loner, so when you are in office, he can carry his business alone in artsy condos.


Bulldog is a little, lazy powerhouse, making them a perfect pet for the apartment. They love to snooze and doze, but take the pet for a brisk walk. The dog weighs around 23 to 24 kilograms and 16 inches tall. The charming, mild nature makes them cute; they are faithful and predictable. When handled with attention and care, bulldog becomes an excellent family pet, very gentle to children. They love to attract human engagement and social oriented. The inherited courage makes them an excellent watchdog.


Dachshund comes in three verities; smooth, wire and long-coated. All types are characterized by short, muscular legs and long back. The hyperactive dog, with a cute face, can bring a smile to your face. Despite their size, well known for their daring courage, and can take larger foe animal or man. They are a dependent and loyal companion, but you need some persuasion to train them. The smooth coat is less sober than the long coat; the wire one is more outgoing and weird.