Everything to know about natural stone tiles

Most natural stones are crystalline rocks made up of calcium carbonate mineral. Many are limestones formed by the combination of shell and coral fragments during the sedimentary process. They are also known by other names like sedimentary rock or coral stone. Also, they are highly porous.

This feature makes them a favorite choice in construction as they retain less heat than any other denser stone. Natural stones like shell stones have been increasingly used in manufacturing shell stone tiles in recent times. Its unique texture and pattern promise to offer timeless beauty to the interiors.

It is a texture trove

Natural stones have natural textures. Manufacturers work on it to suit different needs and enhance its performance. Broadly, there are four textures: saw cut surface, honed surface, polished surface, and brushed surface.

Sawcut texture, as the name suggests, has no extensive tinkering. You can see the saw cuts on the surface. It is a suitable option for a natural space in your home. Honed surfaces are smooth when compared to the saw-cut surface.

Polished tiles are for those who expect extra shine. It is polished like any other natural stone until a smooth and glossy surface is attained. Unline polished surfaces; brushed surfaces leave a rough tactile impression which becomes an excellent choice for walls and columns.

Benefits of natural stone tiles

Neutral color 

If you are a person who loves a subtle atmosphere, you must pick stone tiles. It offers a pale cream tone with a hint of grey and white shine. This beautiful blend of colors provides a very delicate appearance to the home. Styling the home’s interiors is fun as it can match any color of the furniture, paintings, or wall prints.

Non-slip texture 

Another important reason for choosing it is the natural non-skid texture. You can stop worrying about slipping in the poolside and have fun. Natural stone-made tiles like shell stone tiles stand firm against extreme climates, salt water, pool chemicals, and foot traffic. It is also aesthetically pleasing with its beauty and elegance.

It is excellent even under heat

It becomes the right solution to avoid the flaming front yard, pool decks, and patios. These tiles enable you to walk barefoot without the feat of getting a hot foot. It also works to keep your home and surrounding cool.

Less cleaning 

Its pale color does not highlight every dirt. It will not fail to amaze you in between cleaning. You may even forget cleaning as it does not look untidy. It does not need mopping, scratching, or any extra effort in cleaning. It is excellent for a home with kids. It requires occasional cleaning or just a wipe to keep the floor brand new for a lifetime.

Enhances status and retains elegance

Everyone is aware of the quality and value of natural stones. Stone tiles are believed to be unique, well-built, and of genuine quality. It always connects with elegance, prominence, and sophistication.

The unique quality of stone tiles is that it ages gracefully. Unlike artificial tiles, they do not tend to lose their charm and elegance with time. It portrays its natural beauty over a lifetime.

Finally, natural stones have become a time-tested resource as they were one of the first building materials ever used. Obtaining transformation into tiles still possesses the qualities of a natural stone. To reap all the above benefits and style your home, garden, pathways, etc., make it your choice.