A Few Checklist While Selecting Your Supplier of Flooring Material

Since there are several types of floor materials available on the market before choosing one, you must first hire tradie from Bleen and seek his opinion. Ask him to provide you addresses of a few good suppliers of flooring materials.

You can find the best flooring company from your local area from the website of Flooring Domain and it will be nice to ask the following few questions yourself before buying.


These questions you must ask yourself:

  1. What style are you planning to achieve?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Whether your floor will be subject to heavy traffic?
  4. Whether the floor is likely to remain exposed for a longer time to direct sunlight?
  5. How big is your area?
  6. Do you also have stairs?


While selecting the floor, you must ask following few questions to yourself before visiting any suppliers and also any local carpet retailers near you.

  1. What flooring look will you prefer?
  2. Whether it will be in a few different colours?
  3. Will it suit your present home décor and furnishing?
  4. How much hard-wearing will your floor be?
  5. What will be the quality of the flooring material? For example, will it be of the highest grade?
  6. Whether the flooring chosen by you has got any certification from Forest Stewardship Council to prove its sustainability?
  7. Can you clean it easily since pre-finished timber or bamboo floor can be easily cleaned?
  8. How much maintenance/care will be needed for your selected floor? Usually, all floors must be swept daily using a soft bristle broom and vacuuming on weekly basis.
  9. Whether the floor material chosen by you is termite-proof? There are a few wooden floorboards that are naturally termite-resistant. And a few others can be chemically treated for resisting termites.


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While selecting your suppliers for the flooring material, you must ask following questions to yourself.

  1. Have you paid a visit to their showroom? By visiting any flooring showroom, you can personally see how the floor will look.
  2. Whether they can provide samples? Often it has been seen that flooring looks of different colour in their showroom under their lighting that is different from your home. Also, you must compare the sample with all your furniture and wall colours, etc.
  3. Whether the supplier is ready to help with the entire process?
  4. What is their reputation? You must either read the review about the supplier on the web or get testimonials from their customers to know how reliable and trustworthy they are.
  5. Do they have any ISO 9001 certification?
  6. Can you really trust them to call in your home?
  7. Whether the company has any quality assurance department?
  8. Whether have they any dedicated department for customer service for managing schedules, delivery, and aftercare?
  9. Whether they offer any warranty or guarantee?
  10. Whether the installers they provide are sufficiently experienced, and professionally trained, and also accredited by a professional body?

You may also decide whether you will need any services from epoxy companies after installation of floors.