Cocaine Addiction, Signs and Symptoms, Effects and Its Treatment Options

Cocaine is an illicit drug used as an illegal stimulant and affects the body parts such as nerves. Cocaine can be used by a person in a long term and short-term causing side effects to the body hence the body cannot function normally without using the drug hence referred to as cocaine addiction.

Cocaine is a drug that can be injected, snorted, swallowed or inhaled. When a person uses cocaine, the feelings might be

  1. Restless
  2. Sensitive to sound, light or touch
  3. Hot tempered
  4. Energetic and upbeat
  5. Nervous or obsessive

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction.

According to the physicians and pharmacists dealing with cases of cocaine abuse and addiction the physical body signs of cocaine use include

  1. Increased blood pressure
  2. Higher body temperature
  3. Increased rate of heart beat
  4. Unpredictable behavior
  5. Loss of appetite

Symptoms of cocaine abuse and addiction are

  1. Vomiting
  2. Breathing problems
  • Anxiety
  1. Nausea
  2. Tremors, confusion, and seizures
  3. Delusions
  • Panic
  • Chest pain

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

After long term or short-term use of cocaine it may lead to the body reacting and showing off the effects. The effects may include

A. Mood Swings

Due to cocaine addiction the person affected may have emotional change in the mood. This may interfere with the daily activities as he or she may not be in the mood to perform as required by his mates.

B. Loss of Interest

Cocaine addiction will cause the person to stop engaging in some activities that were adding value to his or her life. This loss of interest will make him loose friends’ workmates and focus in life.

C. Secrecy

Cocaine addiction may cause the person affected to keep a lot of information to himself. this will result to other problems like depression.

D. Risky Behaviors

A person addicted to cocaine may start behaviors like threatening his colleagues which may turn to serious issues.

E. Financial Problems

Due to the addiction to cocaine the person will have money problems because one starts to use the money without willing to work to earn more.

Treatment of Cocaine Addiction

To recover from cocaine addiction,making the right decision is the first step. It is recommended that anyone wanting treatment for cocaine addiction get evaluation from an addiction professional in order to decide the most appropriate course of action. This assessment is made on the basis of a variety of variables, including the severity of the addiction, the living situation, and the need for mental and medical treatment.Treatment of cocaine addiction involves therapy and detox in an inpatient rehabilitation program. The program really increases the chances of the person recovering from cocaine addiction.

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