In The UAE, How Do You Market On Social Media?

Since the turn of the century, social media has boomed. It has grown from a simple platform for sharing selfies and the occasional dinner photo to a multi-billion-dollar company that promotes everything from technology to healthcare to cars and jewellery.

If your company doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re likely to lose revenue to your competition.

On social media, you can sell in a variety of ways. To get your firm in front of a larger audience, you may utilise your channels to advertise your service, pay for ads, or work with influencers. Whatever path you choose, you’ll need to make sure you’re properly licenced to trade in the UAE.

Documents needed to obtain a licence to sell on social media in the United Arab Emirates

If you’re forming a business in the UAE with simply individual shareholders, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

  • a copy of your passport
  • a passport-sized photograph (digital)
  • a copy of your residence visa (if applicable)
  • a copy of your Emirates ID (if applicable)

You will additionally need to give the following information if you are setting up with corporate shareholders:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Certificate of Incorporation or a Memorandum of Association that is equal

Therefore, you must choose the meydan free zone for getting the best guidance through their business strategies.

The cost of a social media business licence in the United Arab Emirates

The price of a UAE trade licence is determined by the size and nature of your company, as well as whether you operate on the mainland or in a free zone.

You can start your business for as little as AED 14,350. This bundle includes one visa and three permitted activities. A UAE trade licence and six visa allocations are available for AED 23,600.

When you establish your company, you gain exclusive access to a networking community that fosters growth via innovation and cooperation. Dubai is home to a plethora of startups, SMEs, and global organisations, making it the ideal location to launch and expand your company.

Allowing red tape to stifle your progress is not a good idea. With the intelligent and intuitive licence application kit, you’ll work with simple forms that cut down on time and effort. The software unifies all areas of compliance and regulation for your company (such as UBO, ESR, and AML) into a single user interface. Therefore, you get the opportunity to create a tough business alone.