Engagement and The Right Solutions for the Rings

Jewelry stores are the most numerous. Jewelry stores are resellers, that is, they buy stock from different brands or workshops often foreign, and then resell them. The good thing: you will usually have a lot of choice. On the other hand, we have personally had mixed experiences in jewelry, with poor advice and oversold jewelry but this is quite logical, since in the jewelry model there are more intermediaries with manufacturers, brands and jewelry stores. If you opt for this type of professional, we hope you will be better off than us.

Craftsmen jewelers:

Less present, and especially less known, you will find jewelers in all the big cities. They make the jewelry themselves. From the simplest request to the craziest, through the use of metals or family stones, they can make a jewel in your image. Contrary to what one might think, tailor-made products are not necessarily more expensive. On fairly classic models, it is often even the reverse. Jewelers’ cost structures are quite light, they have no stock, so don’t hesitate to push the door. But artisan jewelers don’t mean cheap, either. If you have a specific, complex request, they can also answer it. And in this case, you will pay for the quality and the working time. The Lab Diamond Engagement Rings are parts of the same.

The brands:

From the small confidential brand to the big house you can see your eyes light up, it is thanks to them that this country is renowned for its jewelry throughout the world. It’s difficult to generalize, but we invite you to do your research on the brands you are heading towards, whether they are big brands or more confidential players some do a wonderful job. The services, the customer experience, the quality and the price or quality ratio will vary enormously from one to another. The brand is universe too.

Online or offline

Even if the majority of purchases are made in stores, the share of online jewelry sales continues to increase nearly 20% today. It is easy to understand the obstacles to online shopping: you cannot touch, see or even try. And if we do not know the subject well, we will all the more trust an advisor with whom we can discuss.

But the online offer also has arguments: discretion, confidentiality, and availability 24/7, practical when you want to buy a ring to ask for your other half in marriage. And that wasn’t true until some time ago, but now you can do it without cutting corners or on the quality you can absolutely buy a ring made by a craftsman jeweler like us on the internet or on the customer service telephone appointments, email exchanges, fitting by appointment in showroom are common, while giving you time to gather as much information as possible and to think.

925 sterling silver diamond ring simulation diamond ring female ...

Choose the wedding ring alone or in pairs?

Tradition has it that it is the gentleman, who offers the wedding ring at the time of the request, but it’s like everything, it depends on your personality and your tastes. In fact, if you wish to make your request a surprise by offering the jewel, it seems logical that the choice of the ring rests on you. However, you can quite ask for the hand of your sweetheart without a ring and choose the jewel with her, in accordance with her tastes, and offer her the jewel of her dreams.

Organize your marriage proposal

To ask for the chosen one of your heart in marriage, it is organized. From the craziest request to the most intimate, you need a minimum of preparation. Just the ring, between the choice and the production time, more or less important according to the manufacturers, it takes 1 month to 1 month and a half. It is therefore advisable to you, start preparing at least 3 months in advance or even more if you want to plan a trip or a particular experience.

When to propose?

Finding the right moment to make your request the unforgettable moment for your other half can sometimes give you a cold sweat. The most important thing, in our opinion, is to find a unique date for the request, to make it a real meeting. Holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even your sweetheart’s birthday are to be avoided. Among the most successful periods there is of course summer and those evenings that drag on under the stars, but also because it is a time of the year conducive to travel where we find ourselves in love, just the two of them. But why not take advantage of an off-season weekend to make a confidential request, a true promise of love to your half and nothing to your other half.

Where to make her marriage proposal?

Again, there are no rules; it all depends on what you want to do at the moment. A small well-hidden Breton cove that you have known since your childhood, a chalet in the snow in the mountains, an unforgettable weekend abroad or an intimate dinner in the restaurant of your meeting, this request must resemble you. No need for a big staging if your sweetheart is rather discreet, the goal is to find the place that suits you and why not that has a nice symbolism for your story.

An wedding gift for Monsieur?

A marriage proposal is not only an wedding ring to give to lady love, these men also deserve their little attention. It is even an equally symbolic gift when we have said yes. So why not think about a beautiful watch, a bracelet or even some cufflinks that can be worn on the wedding day.

Bridal Shower, what

Like the Baby Shower for future parents, this trend from across the Atlantic is gradually arriving in this country. It is a question here of organizing a moment with his relatives, his friends, generally over an afternoon, to celebrate the wedding. In small groups at home, outside, with or without activity, the idea is not to reinvent the bachelorette party (bachelorette party, for close friends) but to enjoy a moment together with those we love. If the assembly is only feminine among friends, why not bring together everyone, close to Mr. and Mrs. around a barbecue for a Bridal Shower.