Reproductive function in women and men


For a long time, it was believed that women were responsible for cases of infertility, and the health of men had nothing to do with it. But in the modern world, it has long been proven that the health of both partners is very important both for the fact of conception itself and for the health of the babies.

For men, reproductive function, for the most part, depends on hormone levels. Their quality depends on men’s lifestyle, including diet and bad habits.

The universal areas of influence on reproductive quality for both sexes are the environment, lifestyle, and level of medical care (even an untreated cold can have serious consequences).

Sperm is believed to be crucial to the health of the child and the absence of abnormalities. Meanwhile, alcohol has a devastating effect on sperm, which can lead to the birth of an inferior child.

The greatest likelihood of conceiving a desirable child is between the ages of 20 and 35 for both sexes, as reproductive function steadily declines with age.

Women’s reproductive systems are much more complex, and it is not only the ability to conceive that is critical, but also the ability of the fetus to take hold and develop normally in the womb. It is also important for women to live a proper lifestyle, as well as the absence of congenital abnormalities of the reproductive system that can interfere with conception and pregnancy.

If a woman is taking birth control pills, it is important that they be prescribed by an endocrinologist. That way they will perform their function and not cause a malfunction in the reproductive system.

Checking hormone levels when it is not possible to conceive is important for both the man and the woman. In addition, the body is checked, because even just chronic inflammation can interfere with conception.

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How to improve your reproductive system

First, a couple who wants to conceive should lead a healthy lifestyle. Giving up bad habits, eating right – these are the common truths that can really help in conception. The same applies to physical activity, if they are moderate – professional athletes often have difficulty conceiving.

It is very important that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals because they play a crucial role in the health of any person. The consumption of fruits and vegetables, a variety in the diet will only benefit.

Also important are the clothes that you wear, especially for men. Should exclude tight synthetic underwear, tight pants from his closet.

All this is a general advice, but they can really help you to conceive. In most cases, a couple does not need either IVF, or oocyte donors, or surrogacy – you just need to pay attention to your health.