Savvy Terms Used In A Lottery

Are you a newbie in lottery gaming? Are you dreaming about earning money through online lottery games? Then you must know the terms used in various online lottery gambling. Without knowing the terms you might end up losing your chances of winning the jackpot. You may know what jackpot means, but there are a lot of other terms that are a part of lottery games. If you want to see your set number to be on the top of the result pages like result Sidney you must know the terms used in the lottery. Here is a small list that explains the various lottery terms.

Commonly used terms

Activated pack: The pack in which the first winning ticket has been assigned to a retailer

Advance bet: It is a wager that is made on draws that are going to be held in the future.

Advertised jackpots: The minimum jackpot amount that is promised by the lottery, to pay the winners of a specific set.

Annuity: It is a payment option that is provided by some lottery over their large prize amount. The pay distributes the prize amount and pays it to winners over a set number of years which is usually around 20 – 30 years.

Back pair: the wager option to select the last two numbers in pick 3

Beneficiary: The recipient of the lottery profit

Bingo: an instant lottery game that is played like bingo

Bonus number: the additional number drawn along with the regular set.

Break open ticket: It is a predetermined ticket that the player open to see whether he has won or not.

Cash for life: it is a lottery game in which the winner is given the money in installments for the duration of the winner’s life

Cash lotto: lottery game with fixed pari-mutuel payout

Combination bet: a wager option that is selected from a box bet and a straight bet for one set of numbers.

Daily Game: Games that have a daily draw

Date Game: A game in which the player wagers on a series of dates.

Draw Game: The lottery name used for computerized number games

Exact Order: A wager option in which player-selected numbers match drawn numbers in the same order

Four-Digit Game A game in which the player chooses exactly four numbers from 0 to 9

Front Pair: the wager option to select the first two numbers in pick 3 or 4

Gambling: Wagering money in an attempt to make a profit by betting on something

Instant Game (Scratcher): instant lottery game that is played by scratching a card

Jackpot: The top prize in a lottery

Jackpot Fatigue: A point at which jackpots remain steady for some time

Keno: A lottery game of numbers

Lottery: a game that is played on the probability of winning

Lotto: a famous lottery game of numbers

Pari-mutuel: A payout method in which the total available prize pool is split between all winners

Pool: A collection of tickets for a specific drawing

Prize Payout: The percentage of sales returned to the players in the form of prizes.

Pull Tab: A predetermined lottery ticket in which players open panels to determine if they won.

Quick Pick: an option to randomly choose set numbers

Randomizer: A device that generates a random set of numbers.

Result: the lottery result that is displayed with winning numbers on websites like result Sidney

Scratcher: an instant lottery

Straight: the game in which all the numbers chosen by the player matches with the drawn number in the same order.

Toto: A term that describes sports betting around the world.

Vault: Lottery distribution center.

Knowing these common terms gives you a better understanding of the online lottery game and increases the chances of winning the lottery