Six Signs It Is Time to Consider a Fresh Tile Installation

Whether you have a tiled bathroom, kitchen, or living area, tile restoration may be necessary to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your tile installation and your home’s functional systems. You will have to consider this project over time because nearly all kinds of tile can wear out. Knowing when to change your tile out or get professional cleaners is vital. Below are some signs that you should tell you it is time to buy Céramique au Sommet tiles in Laval and contact a tile restoration professional to fix up your tiles or replace all tiles altogether:

Major Cracks

Serious cracks in your tiles could result in water damage and extensive damage to neighbouring tiles where the crack might be. If you don’t want to risk your entire tile installation for a few cracks, you will want to consider filling in these items or replacing the tile before it is too late. By replacing a few cracked tiles, you can avoid major repairs.


The presence of mold in your tiles should not be taken lightly. Mold can cause serious health problems when left unattended, particularly for people who have respiratory issues. Usually, mold is caused by water seeping through cracked tiles. It is important to re-tile your bathroom or kitchen to reduce the amount of liquid that can seep into them, minimizing the risk of mold.


Tile stains can be especially stubborn. They can be caused by years of use or using low-quality cleaning products. If your bathroom tile gets stained, it is often best to replace it.


Major tile discolouration can detract from the look of your house and it can be usually impossible to steam clean or bleach the original colour. While professional tile restoration specialists might be able to salvage your tile, it might be a great idea to buy new ones.

Outdated Look

There are some tiles and colour patterns that remain very outdated for tile installations. Years of showers and baths can make your bathroom tile look outdated. If your bathroom is currently looking old, it might need a makeover. Instead of trying to resell your house or use an outdated look in your design scheme, think about replacing your tiles to stay on design trends.

Warping Tiles

Tiles could warp because of water damage. If you notice many tiles coming away from the wall, this indicates you should consider fresh tile installation.