Why Vaccination is Safe and Important

There’s no doubt that vaccines prevent diseases from spreading among people. Millions of lives are saved every year by a single administration of a vaccine. Some diseases like smallpox, measles and a list of others are almost forgotten because they were eradicated by vaccines. It was even reported that smallpox was eradicated worldwide. We can all access numerous studies which prove that vaccines are safe and important. But, if you’d like a shorter version, we’ll summarise the most important points for you.

What is the immune system?

Your immune system is your body’s ability to fight off diseases. It’s like your natural shield that fights against germs, viruses, and any other harmful pathogen. It also recognises anything that shouldn’t be in your body like a foreign substance or anything dangerous you got from your environment. The immune system also fights against cancer cells or any other changes within the body.

What does a vaccine do?

Vaccines actually help your immune system learn how to recognise a new virus and how to properly respond. To build immunity against a certain disease, one must be exposed to it. This is where the vaccine comes in because it imitates the virus. This imitation of a virus triggers the immune system response so it produces antibodies and T-lymphocytes. It can happen that upon receiving a vaccine, one experiences certain symptoms like a fever and fatigue. But, this only means that your immune system works and that it fights hard against the perceived threat.

Top 5 reasons vaccine is important:

You’re chances of getting severe symptoms will decrease

Vaccines won’t eliminate the chances of you contracting the virus. However, they can decrease the severity of symptoms. In this case, we’re talking about covid-19 vaccines. This and other vaccines show your immune system that it’s time to build a response against the virus. If you do catch it, it will feel like a mild cough.

They are a safe and healthy way to build your immunity

The entire world is talking about covid-19 vaccines – most of which are as effective as an astonishing 90%. Each vaccine has to be authorised before use by a well-recognised authority. By now, people have perfected the process of vaccine testing so they are safe and efficient against diseases. They are also preserved in a special vaccine refrigerator to ensure their effectiveness remains intact.

You won’t get the virus from the vaccine

Many people worry that by getting the vaccine, they will be infected with the virus. But, that’s a misconception. The vaccine contains just the imitation of the virus which is needed to trigger your immune system.

Vaccines are important for your health just like exercise or diet

Our everyday habits contribute to our overall health. The food you eat daily and the amount of exercise you get weekly, can significantly improve your health. Vaccines are just one of many ways you can take care of yourself, your health and the quality of your life. Health is all about prevention. Maybe you are fit, but you still exercise because it’s good for you. Maybe you have strong and healthy teeth, but you still go to the dentist for a checkup. The vaccine is considered the same preventive measure as any other action.

When you get vaccinated, you also consider those in your vicinity

Another reason everyone should consider getting vaccinated is to project everyone in your vicinity. This is because people who are vaccinated are far less likely to pass the virus around. Just take the elder people into account. Even if you get infected, you might experience just mild symptoms. But, if you happen to transfer the disease to someone with acute health issues, their immune system might not be strong enough to cope. Furthermore, some people can’t get a vaccine due to their deteriorating health. It’s the responsibility of everyone who can get vaccinated to protect those around them.

Vaccines help relieve pressure on the health system

Let’s consider those that are on the front lines – the entire healthcare system. These people are under constant pressure. Not only that but the healthcare capacity is fully booked, which means that people with other diseases won’t get adequate care. So, the decision to receive the vaccine will save the healthcare system and relieve the pressure on one vaccinated person at a time. But, when we achieve the compound effect of vaccines, our healthcare system will breathe a sigh of relief.

Lastly, you have to take into account that deciding against a vaccine can cost you a lot along the way. Risking your health or the health of others is way more expensive than anything else in the world. Just remember that getting the vaccine is safe for you, your family and your future.