4 Interior Design Themes for your New HDB that will Amaze you


The most common type of accommodation in Singapore are our ubiquitous HDBs, which are home to slightly under 80% of the country’s population. HDBs vary in the number of rooms under one unit, which is directly tied to the amount of floor space and square feet of a unit. Although 3 and 4-room units are the most common, 5-room flats allow their owners to think outside the box in terms of renovation and design.

There is a common misconception that condominiums are strictly better than HDBs. This assumption comes from a deep-rooted mindset that “premium” options are always better. However, in 2021 this is no longer true. A top interior design company will continuously up their interior design game, so modern HDBs and BTO flats will not lose to private flats in the looks department.

Of course, if you are a prospective owner of a HDB 5-room flat, your new home can be as beautiful as the ones you find on interior design portfolio pages. We have compiled 3 popular design themes for HDB flats that works great in 5-room flats below.

1: Contemporary

Contemporary interior design at its core consists of beautiful, sleek defined lines in your furnishings that can pair well with design elements from other styles. Your walls are a blank canvas to draw attention to other bolder statement pieces, perhaps an eye catching leather sofa to tie the room together.

Just because contemporary design is simple to look at does not mean it doesn’t need décor! Small potted plants, artworks on the walls, carpets, and tapestries each go a very long way to tying the house together. With more space in your 5-room flat, the possibilities are endless for your home!

2: Industrial

Industrial interior design focuses on the beauty of different materials and shows them off proudly. Though unorthodox, this style is also quickly gaining popularity amongst HDB interior designers today for it’s bold statements in texture.

Brick walls in an HDB? Sure thing! Exposed wooden and metal surfaces are usually used for tables, chairs, and carpentry to drive home the industrial look. The colour palette for industrial design draws from Contemporary influence, with these styles preferring neutral colours that work well with many styles or warmer hues. Your furniture choice, on the other hand, is only limited to your imagination since industrial design can make many styles (both old and new) work.

3. Scandinavian

Scandinavian interior design is another theme that has been growing in prominence and popularity since the 2000s. Many other themes borrow from Scandinavian design because their furniture placement is simply that efficient, since their accommodations are usually smaller and are less receptive to clutter.

This style shares a ton of similarities with what you might see at an IKEA display room! Minimalism here is a larger theme that mirrors many of the principles of Scandinavian design, with both of these themes emphasising natural light features such as broad windows or simple curtains to let daylight filter through. Walls and furniture are usually white, save for important pieces of furniture like your coffee tables and shelves, which will tie the room together.


5-room HDBs are playgrounds for interior designers, and there is no reason your home can’t look like the ones from your catalogue! It is important to hire the best interior designers to execute your vision, since the best interior design firms will have access to more quality furniture supplies to make the style of your dreams come true. Contact a designer and get started today!