Aha launched mail Telugu movie 2021

Evolution has been a significant rule of nature. Nobody in the limits of nature could ignore it. Here evolution is directly linked with development. For years, we had observed vast growth in the world. Each stream had developed, creating opportunities. Opening new gates for making life better.

Technology has played a significant role in the development of humans. Various facilities are available to us now which were not available earlier. At the same time, the whole world is fighting against the deadly virus. The entertainment industry also got affected by it. At the same time, all movie theatres and theatres were closed. OTT platforms came into the picture. They became a ray of hope for the audience, artists, and filmmakers. OTT platform popularity reached very high in a minimal amount of time. OTT platforms broke records in several views. Soon, many OTT platforms launched containing quality enriched stories and a magnificent showcase of acting and direction.

The Bollywood industry has lately produced many remake versions of blockbuster Telugu movies. The sole reason is the originality in scripts and mass action scenes. For viewers to watch only Telugu films, the Aha OTT platform has launched. Subscribers can either watch the latest Telugu movies online or download them.

Here is a review of the most trending movie streaming on Aha, Mail:

As per its name, the movie mail is a computer-based movie. The movie’s plot is based on email fraud and its consequences. In 2005 when the computer was a new topic of gossip. Villagers were much fascinated towards it as compared to town people. Ravi is a school student who was very curious to see it for the first time. Hybath, the fellow villager, started an internet shop in the village. Ravi was deeply fascinated by computers but couldn’t get enrolled in any computer course in school. So, he decided to convince Hybath to teach him computers. He offered Hybath a bottle of liquor to teach him. Hybath agreed and later made an email id for Ravi. Ravi was unable to hide his happiness. He shared his mail id with his childhood crush (Roja). In the hopes of receiving his crush mail, Ravi got a fraud mail that claimed that Ravi had won a lottery worth two crore rupees.

Later Ravi received another mail demanding One lakh rupees for claiming the lottery money. Ravi took a loan to pay and entered a trap laid by the fraudsters.

What will happen next? Will Ravi receive lottery money? How will he pay the loan amount? For knowing all the fun created throughout the journey. Download the Aha OTT platform and subscribe to it to watch Telugu comedy movies online.

Aha OTT platform is very user-friendly. It allows the subscriber to differentiate between movies. Based on trend and genre. Aha also has many exciting web thrillers starring many well-known celebs. Stars have given some of the best performances ever seen. Aha had provided opportunities to many newcomers to Shine their talents. It also helped many veteran artists to try something different and unique.