How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maid Service?


Are you thinking of hiring a cleaning service to save your time and effort? Are you worried about the costing of hiring a cleaning service or a maid? Then here we are to answer all your questions and clarify all your doubts. It may not be as expensive as you think depending on the choices which you will opt for.

Here, you will find all the options of how to hire a maid and what the charges will be. So let’s come to the main fact.

Cost for a full time maid:

If you opt for a full time maid who will help you in your hourly activities, then the charges will be at the higher side. But if you are finding someone who will help you on a part-time basis then the costs are quite reasonable. Below are different pricing and options available in house maid services.

  • Maids who will stay with you all the time: If you are looking for someone who will stay with you full time and will serve you everything whenever and whatever you need, then surely the costing would be at higher side. The average cost of a live-in maid per year would be $25000 to $40000. It is quite similar to having a full time employee. It may not be that comfortable that some are living with you all the time.
  • Day time maid: They will be staying with you eight hours per day and will be helping you out in every work which you will need in that particular time span. The average cost of a day time maid may vary from $1500 to $3000 per month. They will help you in cooking, cleaning your home, babysitting and much more.

Now surely a question is blinking in your mind that what is the cost if I hire a Cleaning company. So, let’s discuss that.

Frankly speaking, it is more cost effective to hire a cleaning company instead of a full time maid. The average charges of a cleaning company are between $100 to $300. The cleaning services companies are mainly limited to cleaning or washing services but they will not provide you the end to end housekeeping solutions in most of the cases.

If you are planning to hire a cleaning company, then usually you have two options.

First one is, you can hire an independent cleaner who will serve you not only in the cleaning services but also in every aspect of housekeeping.

And the second one is, you can hire any agency or company who will help you in some specific aspects but in terms of costing it is quite reasonable.

Different types of pricing available in the market

Here is a brief overview of different types of pricing available in the market

  • Individual Cleaners: Basically, the individual cleaners who are not a part of any organizations, charges between $20 to $40/hour.
  • Companies or agencies: Companies or agencies generally charge between $30-60/hour.

Now, about the pricing we have a clear picture. So what about the other aspects like security, Customer Experience etc?

When security is a concern

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an agency or company instead of any individual is security. If you hire a cleaning agency then you will not be having any security related concerns regarding your home remedies and other belongings. But in case of any individual maid, no one can guarantee the security of your belongings. Most of the house cleaning agencies are licensed and insured, so in case of any losses they are fully liable to compensate your loss.

Customer Experience

Instead of individual contractors, agencies are generally able to provide better customer experience to the clients. For example, they always send professionally trained service providers, they also have a customer support section or you can put your reviews in their portals. On the other hand, if any maid is unavailable due to some unavoidable circumstances, then the company can send some other trained professionals which will save your valuable time.

Now, if we specifically discuss cleaning agencies, then we will find that there are two types of pricing methods that are very common in the cleaning world.

Different types of Pricing

Two types of pricing methods are very common here. One is hourly basis pricing and the other one is flat pricing.

In case of hourly pricing the customers will have that option to choose how many hours they want to get served. You can select it at the time of booking and according to that they charge you the price.

In flat pricing, the agencies will ask you about the number of rooms and sqft and depending on that they will fix the price.

Both have their own pros and cons. You will understand it better than which one is the most suitable for you.